Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Purchase Order Statuses

Dynamics GP has 6 statuses for purchase orders and purchase order line items:

New - The purchase order has been entered but not released to the vendor. Interestingly, new purchase orders do not update the on order quantity of an item but can be received against.

Released - The purchase order has been entered and released to the vendor. In a throwback to the 1970's, Dynamics GP considers a PO released to the vendor when printed. The printing process updates the on order quantity for the PO line items.

Received - Purchase order line items have been received but not fully invoiced.

Change Order - The purchase order was entered, released, and then changed but has not been re-released. Change order purchase orders can be received against but changes to quantities will not be reflected in the on order amounts until the PO is re-released (printed).

Cancelled - The purchase order has not been fully received or invoiced but no further activity is anticipated. For example, the purchase order was for 100 widgets and 99 have been received and invoiced. The PO would be cancelled if the receipt of the remaining 1 widget was not anticipated.

Closed - All line items on the PO have been received and invoiced or cancelled. These PO's can be removed from the system using the Remove Completed Purchase Orders window.

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